Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall and Flowers

Fall is in the air!

I know we’ve got a few days left of summer, but the weather is changing, we’re battling our yearly mouse-in-the-house, and I’m sipping pumpkin spice coffee as I type. :)

Our lawn hasn’t been mowed in who-knows-how-long since our mower broke. I’ll hopefully get to that soon, because I know our neighbors must hate us. :)

And even though the leaves are starting to change (or in the case of one of our cottonwoods, fall), I’ve still got some pretty wildflowers bringing new color to our un-mowed yard! And if I remember correctly from last year, I should have pretty colors for a while longer.

fall wildflowers

fall wildflowers

bee on wildflower


How’s your yard looking?

(Check out these pictures bigger on flickr!)

1 comment:

  1. PSL! Love them! And yay for fall! Love the picture of the bee!


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