Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aerogarden Update #11

Or, Update #1 since the big bowl wash out!

And, boy what a difference washing out that bowl has made!

The basil has never looked this good!

bushy, full basil in Aerogarden

The sprouts are getting big, too! The cilantro has gotten so tall, it’s falling over…but it’s got little cilantro shaped leaves! And the baby basil is growing steadily, too.

cilantro and basil sprouts in Aerogarden

These sprouts look pretty different from when I started this Aerogarden earlier this year:

cilantro and basil sprouts in Aerogarden, Jan 2012

After I washed out the bowl, I was re-reading some of the information I found on AerogardenGrowers.com early on, I saw that cleaning out the bowl was totally given as a big refresher for tired looking plants. I know I had gotten the idea somewhere, but if only I had re-read that advice earlier! Oh well. It’s still exciting to see this new Aerogarden grow and to see the existing basil doing so well. I love watching the sprouts grow every day! It’s so amazing to watch little green things grow. :)

What about you? Do you grow anything in an Aerogarden or otherwise? Do you love watching the sprouts as much as I do?

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