Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Audiobooks

In my various attempts at blogging before, I’ve chatted about my love of audiobooks, but this will be the first time, I believe, on Frankfully. :)

I love audiobooks.

I listen to them while I’m working on the house, while I’m painting, while I’m sewing, while I’m cooking, while I’m driving, while I’m mowing the lawn, and while I’m in the shower.  And probably more times.

I don’t usually just sit and listen to books (which is what most people think when I say I listen to audiobooks), I listen to them while I’m doing other things. But sometimes they’re so good, I do end up just sitting and listening till the good part’s over.

It started while Brandon and I were dating in college. He lived in Lafayette, IN, and I lived in Chicago. That 2 hour drive back and forth and back and forth could be pretty sleepy at times. And then someone told me to listen to Harry Potter.

It was amazing. Jim Dale, the reader, really made the story come to life. His reading and J.K. Rowling’s writing made listening to that book like watching a movie in my head, while driving my car! Amazing. And since I was invested in the story, I didn’t get sleepy.

My addiction to audiobooks got worse when I was out of college and started sewing more (as a part-time source of income).  I’d watch TV while I sewed, but the problem was…I’d end up watching TV instead of sewing.  I remembered my dad used to buy us tapes (cassette tapes!) of Fibber McGee and Molly radio shows for our road trips when I was a kid. So I started listening to those, then I remembered audiobooks! Cha-ching! Interesting stories that helped keep my focus on whatever project I was sewing. And as a bonus, having something great to listen to helped me get through all the boring parts of sewing that would usually lose my interest.

Which is how my addiction to audiobooks became complete. Boring wall to paint? Audiobook. Stuck in traffic and want to scream? No problem: more time for audiobook. Have to cut yards and yards of fabric into multitude of squares to eventually turn into handbags? Audiobook. Gotta mow an acre of lawn? Audiobook. In fact, is there someone else’s lawn I can cut while I’m at it? :) You get the idea.

Thank goodness for the iPod. You know what? I’ll post about the means to my audiobook addiction later. And I’ll post about what I read/listen to. For now, maybe try an audiobook out yourself!  I get mine from the library in CD form or by digital download. I love you, library!  Good ones that I want to keep or good ones that the library doesn’t have, I get from Amazon.  There’s Audible, too, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Read an audiobook! ;)

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