Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The First of the Pantry Doors!

When I am less excited, I will put together a post about how I designed and built this wall of a pantry.

Today, as we put up the first of the cabinet doors, I realize that I am not a cabinet designer. :) Lots of little errors are adding up to make for a bit of a headache. :)

But it’s working, and the first of the doors are up!

pantry doors

I’ve still got some painting/touching up to do and some refiguring of things, but I’m so happy that these first doors are up, so that now, we have an idea of what we’ll really be in for to get the rest of them up!

What about you? Do all of your projects turn out to be more complicated than you expect, like mine do? :)


(Oh! And speaking of more complicated projects…here’s a sneak peek of a humongous bunting project I’m working on for one of my best friends, Janis, who just had her first baby on Saturday!! It’s going to be the whole alphabet, with animals!! I’ve been working on it since her shower in March, though! Oops! It’s coming, Janis, I swear! :)

L is for Lincoln

(And Janis, if you’re reading this, I’ve got a little personalized something for baby Lincoln’s nursery in the works, too!) :)


  1. Love the cabinet project! Sorry it is becoming a bit more complicated than anticipated... but it is going to look amazing. Love the sneak peek of the bunting!! I am so excited-- I know it is going to look AMAZING. Thank you friend :)

  2. Very well information about Pantry Doors, so better to keep on posting!


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