Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Hens and Chicks

I'm talking succulents here. Hens and chicks are just adorable to me - I love their subtle floral look, I love the babies/chicks (of course. I'm sorry - I'm a girl and I love small things: "babies."), and I love surprising range of color in which they grow.

While they grow like weeds for my mom and auntie, I haven't had luck so far. Maybe I need to try some fake ones indoors. But really, I won't stop trying to grow them, because I love them so much!

Great colors:

from here and here

Love them in containers:

from here and here

Love them in super cutie containers!

from here, here, and here
(I put some chicks in cute square glass containers once...but didn't give them enough light so they died. :( But they were super cute while they lasted!)

How about chicks in homemade jar terrariums? Or a glass ball? Love!

from here, here, and here

And to go all out, a wall of succulents!

from here

And a gorgeous pillow of flowers, succulents, and chicks! That I can't kill... :)
from here

Find these images and more succulent chick fun over on my Pinterest gardening page!!

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