Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Chalkboard Paint

I thought I'd round out the week with some chalkboard inspiration photos. Hopefully you're not sick of the chalkboard topic already. But let's face it. I am in love with chalkboard paint. So far, I only have my island covered in it, but my secret dream is to incorporate chalkboard paint into everything

How about for grocery lists in your pantry?

Images via Country Living.

Or as a fun writing space for the kids:

Or make your own chalkboard labeled jars or tins.  Or buy one like this one I found at HomeGoods.

Images: jars, tins.

How much do I want to paint an awesome dresser like this?

Image from here.

But your chalkboard paint doesn't all need to be black and dark!!

A light colored pantry or kids' drawing space? Yes, please!! And I'm sort of in love with the school-room green color for kids to draw on!

And who doesn't need this awesome green desk in their house?? I would make the whole thing chalkboard paint!!!

Image and inspiration from here.

These are all fun, crafty projects featuring colored chalkboard paint.  I especially love the "mail" label- I want to make these and stick them all over my house!

If you are anyone other than a friend I've sent here, you don't know about my unhealthy obsession with all things blue. I'd forgotten about this picture, but now that I've found it again, I need to make these blue chalkboards. Really, maybe a whole blue chalkboard wall.

Thanks, again, Martha, for the awesome blue board idea and image.

Blue chalkboard walls you say? Okay! I will definitely need a way to sneak this look into my life somewhere.

Amazing blue wall image from here.

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