Thursday, May 15, 2014

Almost Three Months…

As Porcupine approaches his 3rd month of life, I figure I can post a few pictures from the beginning of his life!  Having a newborn is a similarly great excuse for not doing things as being pregnant.  No blog posts? Have a newborn.  Newborn’s nursery not done? Have a newborn.  House is a disaster? Have a newborn.  Unabashedly letting other people cook and feed us? Have a newborn. It’s pretty great. :)

Here’s one of my favorites from when he was just a day old:


It’s amazing how different he looks now:


Here’s another picture of tiny newborn Porcupine, just for good measure:


As I mentioned before, this little guy came a little early. He was due March 1st, I thought he’d be born March 7th, but in reality, he came on February 17th. So just for fun, I made Brian take pictures of us on his “due date”. :)

Happy Due Date, baby!

I’ve been documenting baby’s growth with weekly and monthly photos, which I’ll hopefully be sharing soon. I can’t believe nearly 3 months have already gone by!

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